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Nextern, Inc.


Nextern is a domestic and international
manufacturing services provider that offers
innovative design, proprietary production
management technology and integrated
manufacturing to deliver top quality and
economical mechanical and electro-
mechanical parts and products.


International Manufacturing & Design

  • Mechanical Manufacturing Capabilities including Molding, Castings, Springs & Much More

  • Global Logistics Management

  • Electrical Manufacturing Capabilities including PCB, PCBA, RFID, Cables, Wire Harness, Solenoid Valves, Components, Assemblies and Box Builds

  • Inventory Management Supporting Custom Lean Programs

Nextern, Inc. | USA Office

1259 Willow Lake Blvd.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55110
Phone: 651-203-2100
Fax: 651-203-2110

Visit their website: www.nextern.com 


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